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We’re glad you want to learn more about us.

Let us share with you a little about our church.

Impacting, Connecting, Growing and Serving Through Christ.


We are a church with a passion to share the Hope of Jesus Christ where there seem to be no Hope.  We want reach the world by Impacting, Connecting, Growing and Serving through Jesus Christ.  We are one of the many churches that are a part of the Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church denomination. An organization that places emphases on people.  We strive to meet the needs of individual by providing teaching and preaching that brings glory to the head of the Church, Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Our Church accepts all the major doctrines of evangelical orthodoxy, but we have a definite commitment to proclaim the doctrine of Christian holiness and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We believe these are necessary experiences and provide the scriptural way of life for the Christian. People today desperately need a standard of human existence to benefit society. Let us provide the example in the united witness of faith in Christ through righteous living.


Our heart is to be a church that Impacts and Connects to our community, friends and family. We want to show people Hope where there seems to be no Hope.  That Hope in Jesus Christ.  By introducing the Hope that is in Jesus Christ we can work to be the church that can help people grow in their relationship with Christ and provide them an opportunity to serve others.


Reach the world by Impacting those that we meet, Connecting them with the love of Christ, help them continue to Grow and Serve others through Jesus Christ.


Here at Selma PFWB Church of Hope we want to impact the world, connect to others, grow in Christ and reach others through service.

Simply put: Impact, Connect, Grow and Serve


Make a difference in our community


Connect with the Unchurched


Grow in our relationship with Christ through hearing the Word preached and taught in small groups


After a relationship with Christ the best we can do for Him is to reach others through service to them